Friday, November 1, 2013

Scenes From our Night

Usually the weather on Halloween night in Rhode Island is hit or miss, and more often than not it just happens to rain. Luckily last night was pretty mild, and just a short sprinkle here and there. Perfect weather for Ben's first chance to run around in his costume. The kid had an absolute blast - he loved seeing all of the trick-or-treaters and stayed up way past his bedtime (usually he is in bed by 7:00).  Uncle Derek wore his favorite costume of all.

Cameran was an absolute angel. Babies just love being outside. Something about the fresh air puts them right to sleep. And I gotta say, I've never seen a cuter bunny.

After Ben went to bed we all hung out with some drinks, handed out candy and had some laughs. It was pretty chill and laid back, and those are my favorite kind of nights.  xo

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